Winner's Pride was formed by KPC in 1971 in response to demand from a loyal group of KPC Leather Cleaner and Preservative users who were actively showing horses.  They were clear in their deep satisfaction with the performance of the KPC Leather Cleaner over other popular products available for cleaning and preserving their custom and very expensive saddles and tack.

With that incentive, KPC registered the Winner's Pride brand name with race horse logo and made the leather cleaner available in packaging bearing that trade-mark in order to be directly focused on the equestrian market and end users.  The first General Manager of Winner's Pride was a show horse owner with many trophy's and awards who knew and understood the equestrian community.  Under that leadership, Winner's Pride products became more popular and successful than could have been imagined at the time.  After a move from the Los Angeles to the San Diego area, the KPC-WP business flourished while the Winner's Pride side of the house became less active for various reasons.

Today, KPC-WP Products is owned by one of the early employees who helped develop the Winner's Pride formulas as a college engineering student and who has made the decision to re-vitalize the Winner's Pride brand name and products.

Once this web site was made active, the inquiries from those long ago loyal users have been regular and increasing.  Some inquiries have even been from the offspring of those original users who are now managing their parents' equestrian, leather or saddle and tack businesses.

We are sure you'll find Winner's Pride products as useful, of the same value and high quality as this second generation of loyal users.